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July - September 2006
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  Focus Departments
Defining the Geospatial Workforce
An important first step
Spatial Thinking, Education, and the Workforce
The importance of incorporating geospatial skills into the curriculum
The Developing a GIS Curriculum
UCGIS Model Curricula Body of Knowledge 2006
A Fun Way to Promote Geography
My Wonderful World Web site promotes geographic awareness.
Training First Responders
Course developed at Del Mar College teaches geospatial skills.
A new Web site features careers in geospatial technologies.
Fostering Geospatial Capabilities for Agriculture
AgrowKnowledge helps partners prepare students.

Special Section

   New Media
New Media reaches larger audience with information on GIS and geospatial technologies.

   Manager's Corner
Do the Right Thing with GIS
Mentoring junior staff members

   Developer's Corner
Understanding Cursors in ArcObjects
Learn how to use cursors to manipulate records in feature classes and tables.
[PDF-316 KB]
Modeling GPS Data Captured on the Fly
[PDF-2.4 MB]
Model workflow process of LAFD Air Operations.

Sample dataset [ZIP-1.4 MB]
Moving On
[PDF-436 KB]
Migrating ArcView 3.x and ArcInfo networks to ArcGIS network datasets
Divide and Conquer
[PDF-1 MB]
ArcMap editing techniques for splitting and subdividing features

Adding Another Dimension to Municipal Management
Three-dimensional digital map enhances planning, management, and security processes.
Heading Off Water Pollution
Mobile GIS aids inspection and monitoring efforts that safeguard storm water runoff.
Evaluating HIV/AIDS Programs
Mapping affected populations fills information gap.

   End Notes
Going Beyond the Physical Community
Jamaican GIS projects yield practical benefits.

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