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July - September 2007
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  Focus Departments
Better Data Use, Workflows, and Communication
Large organizations benefit from the geographic approach.
The EPA Metadata Editor
A simple framework for consistent metadata production agencywide
Sharing Files Across the Agency
USDA Forest Service delivers high-quality imagery in seconds.
Why Use ArcGIS Image Server?
Making current, high-quality imagery available
Q&A — A Closer Look
The USDA Forest implements ArcGIS Image Server.
Take Advantage of New Floodplain Data
Understanding dFIRMs necessary for intelligently mapping hazards

Special Section

   Optimizing a Sampling Network
Automating the Use of Geostatistical Tools for Lake Tahoe Area Study
ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst 9.2 used in study of air quality degradation
Making Effective Use of Geostatistics
Studying the geographic distribution of regionalized variables
Mapping Reliability
Maps show how adding more monitoring improves the modeled surface.

   Manager's Corner
STOP Deployment Schlepping
Simplify administration by centralizing ArcGIS software distribution.

   Developer's Corner
More Ways to Increase Productivity
Take advantage of iteration in ModelBuilder.
Build a Fleet Management App in 5 Steps
[PDF-1.1 MB]
Easily integrate Web-based GIS using the ArcWeb Services JavaScript API.
Priming the Pump
[PDF-358 KB]
Preparing data for concentration modeling with ArcGIS Network Analyst 9.2
Sample dataset [ZIP-1.2 MB]
Get to Work!
[PDF-358 KB]
Three strategies for finding files faster
Making Better Maps with ArcGIS 9.2
[PDF-712 KB]
Using cartographic representations

Visualizing Infill Development Potential
Los Angeles City Planning uses ArcGIS Server.
Boosting Fieldwork Productivity with Photo Maps
Approach improves field investigations efficiency.
Two Necessary Approaches
Teaching about GIS and teaching with GIS
Geodatabases That Are Easier to Set Up and Manage
Migrating to high-precision spatial references at ArcGIS 9.2
Conference Highlights
Web Exclusive
Articles, audio, video, and results from the 27th Annual Esri International User Conference

   End Notes
Not Mapping Our World
Visualizing nongeographic information in GIS

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