Cellular Expert

Vilnius, Lithuania


CE specialises in the development of telecommunications planning and operational support software based on ESRI’s ArcGIS platform. The company develops, implements and supports a family of CE branded software products, provides integration and professional services within defense, telecom, infrastructure, other companies and organizations. The CE is ESRI Silver Partner and a part of HNIT group, ESRI distributors in Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The company’s roots go back to 1995, when it started pioneering ArcGIS solutions in telecoms sector. In 2000, “Cellular Expert” branded software was introduced to the market as an ArcGIS-based wireless network planning tool. The 25 years of experience and the diverse client base provided CE with the wealth of networks development expertise that provides foundation for all its products and services.



Cellular Expert works with global partners and local ESRI distributors to install, configure and provide operational support of Cellular Expert’s products, including the integration of localized GIS data of best available resolution down to 1-10 m. We also provide integration of our products and ArcGIS platforms with the relevant network management and other IT/GIS systems for Telecom, Defense, and other companies and organizations. Cellular Expert also provides professional consulting services in: • Wireless systems and networks planning and optimization • Broadband service coverage analysis • Mobile networks coverage and service quality analysis • Network assets management solutions and rollout support Cellular Expert has in-house knowledge and experience of wireless propagation modeling algorithms and their implementation in GIS environment. We can accordingly help with customizing the analytical modeling of telecommunication networks coverage, quality of service and capacity, implementing bespoke GIS analysis algorithms for various telecommunication development projects.

Services Provided:

Application Development, Data Model & Database Design, Implementation, Needs and Requirements, System Architecture and Design, System Integration, Training Services