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The CE Inventory3D Plug-in is a special extension component software to link Inventory3D with the “SketchUp” design and engineering software application. The Plug-in allows user to: • link network assets (e.g. telecom towers, antennas, etc.) listed in Inventory3D or Excel table with their corresponding engineering CAD drawings in SketchUp, • describe combinations of network assets as integral system components (e.g., radio base station installation, etc.) with their corresponding entities as Excel tables with corresponding attributes and synchronise them with objects' physical positioning and other design attributes in SketchUp drawings; • perform calculations using formulas and equations in Excel and dynamically display the results in SketchUp, • import object design images with GPS-tags to SketchUp and place them in the system design drawing according to the defined geolocation. CE YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@cellularexpert


Defense, Education, Research Organizations, Telco

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