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The CE VertiTrack IoT module enables real-time high precision GNSS VRS position tracking of a monitored object in all-weather conditions. It is primarily designed to track lateral movement of the tips of telecommunication towers, for the purpose of monitoring their swaying and, thus, their structural health. However, it can be easily employed for objects’ motion/displacement tracking in a variety of industries, including but not limited to construction, military, energy and wind power management. Unmatched accuracy: VertiTrack utilizes GNSS VRS RTK technology to take milimiter-level precision position measurements. Flexible and lightweight - no extra downloads: working in conjunction with an Esri Experience Builder web-based widget, Vertitrack modules can be accessed directly from a variety of devices and OSs: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. This allows for quick and seamless setup whilst eliminating the need to install additional software. Intuitive and easy to use: the web-based app provides an easy to navigate graphical interface supplying necessary data. Easily scalable: track an unlimited number of VertiTrack modules. CE YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@cellularexpert5358


Defense, Education, Research Organizations, Telco

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