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The Project: GeoMarvel partnered with Ernst and Young (EY) to create Sky Scanner — an Esri Experience Builder web application designed to provide information on air quality: what it is, why it matters, as well as information about EY’s partnership with citizen science application Earth Challenge 2020. Another focus of Sky Scanner is bringing attention to Environmental Racism and Justice: what it is, how we can fight it, and how these measurements help add to a body of data about the disparate exposures to worse air qualities. Sky Scanner Experience Builder is part of the Air Challenge Campaign and helps distribute additional information about the campaign — a multi-organization campaign for citizen scientists to help collect data about air quality in their areas and report it to a centralized database. Some of the partners include Earth Day Network, Department of State, Wilson Center, and EarthWatch. EY’s Sky Scanner shows some of the real-world application uses for this data in context of their organization’s mission to fight for equality and recognize systemic differences in air quality for different communities. The Technology: GeoMarvel utilized ArcGIS Experience Builder — the next generation of Esri’s Web AppBuilder that allows users to create advanced web apps and pages without the need to write a single line of code. Sky Scanner also contains embedded ArcGIS Dashboards that show Earth Challenge citizen-collected data and Air Quality measurements. For design visualization and planning the Experience Builder, GeoMarvel used Figma, an open-source platform for designing and editing. One aspect of the project included the custom design of different views within the application for a variety of devices and screen sizes. While Experience Builder and ArcGIS Dashboards have the ability to render different views on-the-fly for different devices — laptop, tablet, or mobile; GeoMarvel custom-created views for each device size to optimize the dashboard and overall experience for all three device types, to ultimately create a seamless experience no matter which device the application is viewed from. The Partner: EY is a multinational corporation that helps businesses & organizations become more resilient: taking advantage of new technologies, realizing goals based on modern priorities, and becoming agile so that clients can adapt quickly and smoothly. One of their missions is to incorporate important societal priorities into making a better business world.


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