Tracking COVID-19 with Operations Dashboard

By GeoMarvel LLC

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GeoMarvel recently partnered with two organizations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to develop and deploy COVID Emergency Response Dashboards leveraging ArcGIS Dashboards. As rising COVID cases quickly transformed how these organizations were managing their workforce, ArcGIS Dashboards became a practical way for the organizations to leverage and visualize the most current data surrounding the distribution and rapid spread of the virus. The Emergency Response Dashboards also incorporated organizational data, such as workforce disbursement and location density, brick and mortar locations, warehouses and distribution networks, as well as data layers to identify hospital and treatment center capacities including regions with treatment limitations. The real-time integration of this rapidly changing data with ArcGIS Dashboards provided the organizations with the ability to monitor current impacts on their workforce and business, while also empowering them with better forecasting models to predict future impacts. GeoMarvel kicked off each project with a full discovery phase to understand each organization’s business model, critical infrastructure, and priority metrics. Next, we went through a data transformation process to cleanse and standardize these ever-evolving datasets. Additionally, we researched available data sources to identify sources that provided the most up-to-date COVID figures for each region. Once the data was standardized, the team built automation tools to optimize the performance of the dashboards. Automation allowed the organizations to make accurate, informed business decisions and implement appropriate safety measures for staff and customers alike. In the early weeks of COVID in the United States, being able to trust the data was a key element for informed decision making. GeoMarvel was able to deliver, and presented this information in an intuitive, easy-to-process dashboard format. The goal of these dashboards was to present information about infection rates in critical business areas for these organizations. By depicting highly impacted areas, the clients could identify at-risk stores and employees, in order to implement appropriate preventative measures. During a time of great uncertainty, GeoMarvel was able to find the best data available, and aid in key decision-making processes during a critical time for business and public health alike.


GIS,Health & Human Services,Map, Chart & Data Production

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