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By Geonamic Systems

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Alignment sheets provide a familiar format to visually integrate and analyze pipeline asset and integrity data, and can be a critical component of any pipeline asset integrity and data management plan. PipelineOffice® ASG offers the most powerful and innovative sheet generation system available, built by a senior development team with industry-leading experience in designing and implementing automated alignment sheet technology for many oil and gas pipeline operators. The results are intelligent, geographically referenced, interactive PDFs with outstanding cartographic detail and unmatched quality. Fully integrated with PipelineOffice® Studio, dynamic pipeline visualization is made easy and intuitive by leveraging the Dynamic Band Viewer to quickly and easily display any data, and to define new bands for ASG output. Through the use of configurable XML templates, PipelineOffice® ASG supports the entire pipeline alignment sheet life cycle including construction, dig/inspection, as-built, and integrity alignment sheets.



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