PipelineOffice® Gas HCA

By Geonamic Systems

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PipelineOffice® Gas HCA is designed to assess the risk of the potential impact of a gas pipeline release. Using a comprehensive, high performance algorithm based on the PHMSA regulations, the software identifies DOT 192.5 Class Locations and 192.905 High Consequence Areas (HCA), 192.3 Moderate Consequence Areas (MCA), 192.179 valve spacing, 192.625 gas odorization, 192.710 assessments outside HCA and the latest 192.9 86 FR 63296 gathering line requirements. PipelineOffice® Gas HCA helps operators identify HCAs associated with their pipeline assets and supports definition of an effective Integrity Management Program (IMP). Powerful ArcGIS Pro functionality from Esri is leveraged, providing access to key mapping and analysis. PipelineOffice® Gas HCA is widely deployed and used by many of the largest gas pipeline operators in the U.S., and has been proven through audits to produce accurate, defensible results.



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