PipelineOffice® Liquids HCA

By Geonamic Systems

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PipelineOffice® Liquids HCA provides a complete High Consequence Area (HCA) solution for liquids pipeline operators, with full support for direct (intersection), indirect/aerial dispersion (buffer intersection), and potential (terrestrial and hydrologic plumes) analysis. Worst-case product release volumes are calculated within the software, or volumes from external models may be incorporated. PipelineOffice® Liquids HCA also supports Emergency Flow Restriction Device (EFRD) analysis, allowing users to target a specific HCA length reduction goal or select optimal placement of 1 or more new valves for a selected pipeline system. Powerful reporting tools support validation of the both the HCA and EFRD result, through interactive charts and review of the results organized by modeled spill points and HCA segments. Results are presented by method and type of impact, and relationships to specific HCA features are maintained and documented.



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