PipelineOffice® MAOP

By Geonamic Systems

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PipelineOffice® MAOP provides a user-configurable engine that supports U.S. Federal Regulations 49 CFR 192.619 for natural gas pipeline systems to calculate Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP). Configurable input sources including pipeline characteristics, pipeline components, pressure test records, class location, and historical operating data to calculate MAOP values for one or all components on a selected section of pipeline or entire pipeline systems. The application supports calculations using a variety of methods, including SMYS/design pressure, pressure test results, historical operating pressure, or justifiable engineering practices. These methods are automatically selected based on available data and configurable rules/algorithms, and results for all calculations are managed in the enterprise pipeline database. PipelineOffice® MAOP is deployed as an extension to the PipelineOffice® Studio platform, providing additional reporting, data validation, and visualization capabilities.


Petroleum, Pipeline

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