Gistic Research Inc

Tempe, AZ, United States


Gistic Research, Inc. was created in 2005 with the goal of providing affordable world-class solutions to the many challenges facing GIS and IT professionals. It has since established itself as one of the nation's leading experts in linear referencing systems (LRS), Next Generation 911(NG911), the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS), data validation and ETL processes, collaborative GIS, Business Intelligence, and visualization, and the National Address Database. Gistic specializes heavily in both the transportation sector and NG911. In the transportation sector, Gistic's LinearBench product suite has proven to be an effective solution for numerous state-level DOTs including Arizona DOT, Utah DOT, and Iowa DOT. Gistic also works directly with state governments in support of NG911 initiatives and is currently under contract with the State of Arizona to continue the development and support of a collaborative web-based geospatial integration and validation system known as GIVS. The GIVS Suite of software comes with both web-based features as well as ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro application add-ins. Gistic is driven by 3 key ideas: customer satisfaction, effectively integrating numerous cutting-edge technologies through a practice of results-based management and achieving what other companies consider impossible. Gistic believes that in the modern world, the integration of different technologies is pivotal to success.