MitiTrack™ Community Risk Management

By Intterra

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So many communities struggle with wildfire risk and managing the mitigations we can take to reduce that risk. Intterra's MitiTrack Community Risk Management helps our community residents and firefighters better understand what has been done to prepare and how to defend homes and landscapes better. The solution provides a single place to capture, share, and leverage mitigation information for use when incidents occur and to demonstrate how each small action improves resiliency to stakeholders and the community. -- Visually track community fuel mitigation efforts, grants, funding, projects, and treatments to capture and measure resilience efforts. -- Enable state, local, federal, community, and non-profit resources to capture their work in one spot for a complete picture of CRR (community risk reduction) efforts. -- Proactively inform incident command and teams with relevant data in an easy-to-understand map to better visualize where treatments, risks, and related assets are located when responding to a natural disaster or dangerous incident. -- Combine with Intterra structure and wildland pre-plans to improve operational effectiveness and situational awareness for structures, communities, wildland areas, or special events.


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