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A major boost to archaeological research has been provided by satellite remote sensing technology which, through the use , of particular spectral bands of sensors, has made it possible to detect lines, fragments and curves of structures that are difficult to identify from a flat viewpoint, as in the case of observation from a low lying field. It is therefore possible to consider using such technologies for detecting archaeological sites and, moreover, by combining such advances with the instruments made available by Geographical Informational Systems (GIS) it is possible to create informational systems for archaeology. Detection of Archaeological site: Information obtained by sensors concerning the location and arrangement of vegetation, soil moisture content, luminescence, and ground thermal parameters can be used to detect undiscovered sites . Information System for Archaeology: Within the context of an archaeological site, the distribution of the types of materials used, the composition and physical characteristics, and the typology of degradation present, are all factors that could be included in an Information System to simplify the classification of materials retrieved and the processing of data for statistical and quantitative analysis. Furthermore, a three-dimensional model of the territory, extrapolated from photo images of the site, represents a valuable aid in planning tour routes inside the site. Cultural Eritage The problems regarding definition of the real value and the management of the cultural property find in GIS technology, remote sensing and UAV, in the Web applications, a valid instrument to start processes and interventions of conservation and maintenance, but above all the involvement of the major number of users potentially interested The geographical data is an essential component for the management of the problems issued from the architectural and landscape property as well as the historical and artistic heritage of the archeological properties.

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