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Large cities, like all other towns, suffer from the effects of the use above of the land resources. There is therefore an increasing need for modern and efficient tools to control urban expansion, territorial degradation and, to analyze situations that pose risks for the environment and people. Urban Expansion Multi-temporal analysis of urban areas, obtained by superimposing images of the same territory taken at different time, offers the possibility of spotlighting the changes that have taken place over the years and to follow the urban development of any area over time. The uniqueness of the solution proposed by iptsat is indicated by the integration of paper information and digital information of a cartographic and cadastral map type with digital images of the territory received directly by satellite . Census and control of unauthorized building Today, the control and suppression abuses can become a source of income taxes. The means used to-date to manage these problems have proved to be of little effect. Indeed, simple cartography, indispensable for numerous Institutional and productive activities, has suffered from a constitutional defect that derives from methodologies used to-date for its production. Satellite remote sensing offers a valid solution to these problems. As the coverages are continuous, updating is therefore guaranteed and the cost is much less than that of other solutions.

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