UAV Remote Sensing Plug-in for ArcGIS

By iptsat

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iptsat has developed an Arcgis Workflow data and Plug-in to achieved a light aerial platform (Micro UAV) for land survey and aerophotogrammetry and for images mosaic. Micro UAV is a VTOL AUMAV (VTOL = Vertical Take Off and Landing. AUMAV = Autonomous Unmanned Micro Aerial Vehicle) electrically commanded. The ipsat micro UAV is projected for the visual and olfactory aerial monitoring through survey devices that could be mounted on board such as: tele cameras, odorous sensors, spectrographs etc... It is an innovative solution for inspection and control activity of “sensible and/or risky areas" that could result dangerous even for expert personnel. Land monitoring always requests a constant renovation in the process and survey technologies of the environmental parameters, remote sensing being a remote “shooting” of a subject by means of sensors with particular concentration on the territory and over all it is in constant evolution either in the technology or in the methodology. More and more specialized sensors and more performing geometrically make remote sensing a research segment in constant renovation. Recently the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and particularly the micro-UAV (< 2kg) represent the final frontier for the high resolution territory survey at low altitude. Fields of application: - natural disasters (fire department, Civil Protection); - recognitions for police activity; - coasts and territorial waters patrolling; - fire prevention/monitoring ; - dangerous areas detection; - atmospheric and environmental survey; - monitoring mountains, parks, forests, lakes, rivers and swamps; - archeology and cultural heritage; - agricultural frauds controlled; - communal construction abuses control; - aerial photography (commercial activity, publicity); - aerial video (commercial activity, publicity); - 3D photogrammetry and topographic surveys; - dangerous chemical products and gas control; - industrial infrastructure monitoring (pipelines, bridges, plants); - traffic monitoring; - crowd events/distribution control; - urban supervision; - environment conservation (CO2) emission control (payload Airguard); - real estate; - cinema.

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