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As of May 2011, iptsat has officially become a partner of RapidEye satellite company. RapidEye is a constellation of five German artificial satellites sun-synchronous that acquire images 5m. resolution, in 5 multispectral bands.The RapidEye images have been the first to dispose of the “red-edge” band which, thanks to its capacity to identify the variations in chlorofilla contents, is partcularly indicated in the analysis of vegetation, its classification and the quantification of nitrogen in the biomass. Spectral Band: Blue: 440 - 510 Green: 520 - 590 Red: 630 - 685 Red Edge: 690 - 730 NIR: 760 - 850 Furthermore the 5 satellites, having the same type of sensor equipment, and moving one behind the other in the same orbit, allow a very short time rivisitation and the acquisition of very large dimension of images on a daily basis; the constellation can in fact acquire up to 4 million Km2 daily. The Rapid Eye images have the lowest price of this category and are ideal for the study of vegetation, agriculture, forests, environment and in all application fields where continuous and frequent monitoring is requested. Various seasonal sceneries of Italy are available starting 2009.

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