Delineating Impaired Watersheds

By Johnson Mirmiran & Thompson Inc.

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The JMT Technology Group designed and developed models and tools for the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to create and analyze drainage areas for impaired streams as part of VDOT’s MS4 Permit Program. Using Esri’s Spatial Analyst extension, ModelBuilder, and custom scripting, the tool processes raster and vector data, determines flow patterns, traces stream networks, delineates drainage basins, and writes records to related tables. It also allows the user multiple input options: clicking a pour point on the map, selecting one or more stream segments in the map, or selecting stream segments from a drop down list of names. The user is also provided the ability to adjust input parameters including pour point snapping tolerances and raster cell sizes. Additionally, JMT delivered a set of custom ModelBuilder models that allow the user to prepare digital elevation model (DEM) raster data and vector datasets for use with the delineation tool. By using these tools, VDOT can analyze impaired watersheds across the State and develop solutions to achieve compliance with the requirements of the MS4 Permit Program.


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