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By Johnson Mirmiran & Thompson Inc.

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JMT Technology Group began working with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) in 2008 on a task to modernize the Commission’s Enterprise GIS program. Today, WSSC is leveraging their new geospatial environment, which provides easy access to current data and tools for improved business operations and management. Below are some of the initiatives included in WSSC’s modernization program: Database Design and Migration: JMT Technology Group worked with WSSC stakeholders to design and implement a new water and sewer utilities geodatabase. JMT migrated WSSC’s coverages into a geodatabase format and in the process, performed edits that were necessary for a successful migration. Automation of 200’ Scale Water and Sewer Map Sheets: JMT performed a pilot project for WSSC to evaluate the possibility of replacing hand-drawn 200’ scale water and sewer map sheets with ArcGIS maps driven by WSSC’s GIS data. GIS Data Enhancements with ArcGIS Desktop Custom Tools: When a geometric network was established in the new water and sewer utilities geodatabase, a number of errors were found. WSSC tasked JMT with fixing some of these errors including proper placement of hydrants along mains, adding correct attribute information for feature rotation, and eliminating gaps and overlaps in line feature classes. To more efficiently fix these errors, JMT developed and implemented a custom ArcGIS Desktop toolbar. GIS Enterprise Web Viewer: The JMT Technology Group developed a new web-based GIS application known as the Enterprise Map, providing ubiquitous access to geospatial data and tools across the Commission. The enhanced web-based GIS better aligns with WSSC’s existing GIS infrastructure, providing a more modern and engaging user experience. Additional benefits of the system include the ability to discover and leverage the organization’s GIS data and tools and increased efficiency through the incorporation of GIS into critical business processes. The Enterprise Map is an ArcGIS Server-based system that uses the ArcGIS API for Silverlight. Enterprise GIS, Modernization, Database Design, Database Migration, utilities, ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS API for Silverlight .


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