Enterprise GIS: Organizing and Consolidating Spatial Data

By Johnson Mirmiran & Thompson Inc.

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The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) develops and maintains a vast amount of information that provides significant value to engineers, planners and staff throughout the organization. Over time, this information has been stored in a myriad of databases, spreadsheets, and file room drawers making it a challenge to assemble and analyze all of these valuable pieces of data and content into meaningful information that drives decisions within the organization. To overcome this challenge, JMT designed, developed, and implemented an enterprise GIS web application - known simply as eGIS – to consolidate, organize and analyze information that supports critical transportation programs for the State of Maryland. Some of the many programs and critical business functions that eGIS supports include: --The ability to view locations of Miss Utility requests and identify SHA utilities that need to be marked before a contractor can excavate the area. --Viewing, analysis and correlation of crash data to future-funded roadway projects. --Management, reporting and prioritization of SHA’s ADA compliance program where improved mobility for individuals with disabilities is needed. More than just a pretty map, eGIS is a framework for consolidating and organizing data and tools to enable SHA to make decisions based on all available information that pertains to State programs. This enterprise solution has dramatically reduced staff research time, has increased efficiency, and most importantly, allows visualization of data that otherwise would not be possible to support programs and initiatives throughout the State of Maryland.


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