GIS Consulting: Setup, Configuration, and Utilization of ArcGIS Online

By Johnson Mirmiran & Thompson Inc.

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JMT Technology Group was selected by the City of Newark, DE, to institute a new Esri-based solution in support of stormwater database development, data management, mobile access, and web map development. In addition, JMT is working closely with other various departments within the City to implement a city-wide GIS strategy that includes both internal and public facing data, maps, and apps. Walking hand-in-hand with the City’s GIS Committee, JMT has helped to establish and promote the City’s ArcGIS Online portal as the central location for accessing and viewing spatial information products. The location of the City’s parks and amenities, location and composition of the snow routes, and the location of wireless routers are some of the information products available to City employees and public.


Archaeological & Historic Preservation, Aviation, Community Development, Environmental Management, Fish & Game, Forestry, GIS, Health & Human Services, Highways & Roads, Information Technology, Land Records, Maritime, Public Engineering, Public Safety, Public Transit, Public Works, Real Estate, Water Resources, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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