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The Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) report is made up of data from multiple departments and data sources within any DOT. In most states, the data that is collected is often stored in more than one database, and this information may or may not be stored in the same geographical format. This disparity creates many challenges, not the least of which is ensuring correct roadway location of assets and events. Agencies that have automated the HPMS process have reaped huge benefits saving a great deal of time, effort, and resources saving months of man-hours and headaches. Using the PMG HPMS solution, the effort to create and submit the annual HPMS report is greatly reduced. Because the generation of this report requires integration with many functional areas and data sources across the agency, automating the process not only saves time, but increases efficiency and eliminates common errors. DOTs must combine pavement condition, number of lanes, traffic counts, functional class and countless other variables in the annual report. Since federal funding levels are set based on the HPMS report, accurate and timely information is invaluable to any transportation agency. PMG successfully worked with the South Carolina DOT to automate the annual HPMS report in a module within the Roadway Information Management System (RIMS). The PMG HPMS module allows users to collate the information required for the report and properly organize, and report it.


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