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A picture is worth a thousand words. The ability to see a particular location on the road network can greatly enhance your response to inquiries and dramatically increase the information at your fingertips. The PMG team developed and continues to maintain the Videolog viewer currently in use at South Carolina DOT. The PMG Videolog viewer is web-based and provides the user a simple, easy to use interface making any destination on the road network ready for instant viewing. That virtual drive is only seconds away. Videolog offers the user the option of stopping at intersections and turning, if desired, on the intersecting route. Additional features include the ability to adjust the speed of travel, make U-turns, stop at specific points, zoom-in to various assets or areas of interest and drive backwards down the selected roadway. A recent addition to Videolog is the ability to view two images simultaneously side by side. This proves extremely helpful when discerning changes to the roadway year over year. The images are kept in sync during the virtual drive. A separate version of videolog incorporates a map depicting the location of the videolog image currently being viewed. The PMG Videolog viewer greatly enhances your ability to experience the roadway.


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