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Assess Risk, Prevent Fines, Adjust to Changing Regulations Spatially manage and complete compliance inspections and surveys in both the field and back office with a unified approach that also provides progress, exceptions, and reporting dashboard views for all interested parties. UDC's compliance management solution incorporates 7 primary functions common to all utility inspections and surveys within a single GIS-based office to field inspection application that can handle all of your required regulatory and utility specific surveys, inspections and preventive maintenance programs. Those primary functions are: Planning Inspection, Survey or PM Program Creating the Work Areas and Scheduling work Assigning and Dispatching your work to the field crew Completing work in the field and recording results Back Office support to monitor and address exceptions in the field Monitoring Performance and completion of assigned work And Finally, Reporting Compliance and maintaining data   Beyond this core functionality, Compliance Manager is configurable to match your utility’s specific program needs and forms. With Compliance Mgr, you get one version of the truth that is verifiable, traceable, and complete.


Aviation, Electric & Gas, GIS, Information Technology, Maritime, Pipeline, Telco, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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