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Whether moving to the Esri Utility Network now or later, improve the health of your data through a tailored program that will deliver a detailed plan to help you reach your data quality and migration goals. UDC’s UN Data Assessment Program evaluates your data’s migration readiness for the Utility Network and develops a customized migration plan from your individual starting point. Our program brings the Utility Network to meet you – wherever you are at in your unique journey. Our multi-step program provides you with the necessary tools for analyzing your data at a deeper level. Our HEIDE auto-migration tool and specially developed ArcGIS Pro toolkit enable an accelerated approach for calculating the quality of your data. Assessing the health of your data and creating a plan are crucial steps in your migration journey. By taking the time to prepare for your migration, you will have the confidence in your data and processes to move onto the next phase of your journey – full migration.


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