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Developed by Gas Operators Manage planned and major outage events with greater control, visualization and digital documentation, as well as increase both internal management and customer outage communications. The Digital Utility® - Gas Outage Management Solution offers utilities the ability to digitally manage outages in an automated fashion. It incorporates a unique spatial, visual and mobile experience that supports management of your outage and restoration process from start to finish within a single GIS-based application. The UDC Gas OMS application is built on the Esri ArcGIS platform, includes an Esri Runtime Mobile tool that can be used with Windows Mobile or iOS Apple devices and has the capabilities to interface with other existing systems such as Synergi, Work Management, Customer Information System and SCADA. Using Gas OMS removes dependency on paper forms, maps and spreadsheets and provides a means to ensure that information is verifiable, traceable, and complete. Improve internal management communication and external customer communication during and after the outage by leveraging the built-in web dashboard capabilities to see and record your real-time data.


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