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Utility Network – Your Transition, Your Terms Reduce your Utility Network migration lift by automating 90% of the data mapping, QA/QC, containment and advance configuration. Run networks in parallel and transition at your pace. HEIDE is a high-fidelity auto-migration tool for use in migrating from any GIS platform to the Esri Utility Network model. HEIDE prepares your utility data for the advanced Utility Network model by creating the new asset package and applying the package. HEIDE provides auto configuration for minimal manual configuration effort during your migration. Automation allows us to set configurations across the network programmatically, rather than requiring someone to manually set the values at each location. Automation will not only simplify migration for end users but will also help build the detail required to take advantage of the full list of Utility Network functionality. UDC’s intelligent migration approach differs from our competitors by providing Esri users a quicker path to all of the functionality the new Esri Utility Network Management Extension has to offer rather than just doing a simple feature class to feature class migration. In addition, utilities can still use the terminology they are used to. HEIDE is applicable for migrations from Schneider Electric ArcFM, Esri and Non-Esri platforms. At this point, our technology provides the greatest level of data model automation and complex container automation for utilities that have already deployed ArcGIS/ArcFM platforms. Functionality for other platforms will be incorporated based on demand.


Electric & Gas,Water, Wastewater & Stormwater

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