Customer Segmentation

Success often depends on really knowing your customers and prospects. Esri's Tapestry Segmentation gives you an in-depth look into consumer lifestyles and behaviors. Tapestry classifies U.S. neighborhoods into 65 unique lifestyle segments based on socioeconomic and demographic characteristics.

Marketers, real estate developers, and business owners use customer segmentation to determine where to build or expand, where and how to market, and what products or services will fill specific niches.

Compare Markets

With Business Analyst, you can easily compare a specific market to county, state, and national averages for key demographic variables. You can also generate maps and reports with indexes of consumer spending behaviors.

The BAO app generates easy-to-read visuals to assess markets and evaluate demographics of potential locations.

Identify Where Your Best Prospects Are

Tapestry can classify your most profitable customers, then help you find more like them. Viewing this data on a map reveals insights about how well you, and your competitors, are serving your target.

Analyzing a market using consumer segments,not just standard demographics, reveals insights about lifestyle, preferences, and spending habits.

Access Information from Anywhere

Tapestry Segmentation is bundled with Esri Business Analyst Desktop and Server. Online and mobile access is provided by Business Analyst Online (BAO) and the free BAO mobile app, so you can review consumer profiles while out in the field or with clients.

Tapestry Poster

Mouse-over the image to see the individual segments and groups. Request this free poster.
Details about each segment are included in a 96-page reference guide.

Learn More

The American Consumer Project
AdAge Reporter Matt Carmichael is using Tapestry in his year-long investigation of the American consumer.

Tapestry Segmentation Reference Guide
View in-depth descriptions for all 65 Tapestry segments.

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