Territory Design

Balanced territory design ensures optimal market saturation to improve the success of every location, franchise, sales agent, and service or delivery route. You'll minimize cannibalization of your own sales, reduce overbuilding, and maximize opportunities to win sales and customers from your competition.

The powerful wizard-driven Territory Design tools in Esri Business Analyst can help you:

  • Identify overlapping sales or service districts and reallocate accordingly
  • Prioritize and make territories equitable
  • Make territories more compact, reducing travel time and expenses
  • Benchmark performance

Automate Territory Creation

Eliminate the headache of creating territories manually from your spreadsheets, maps, and sales data. Business Analyst combines your sales and customer data with Esri's updated business and consumer data. You can even weight the importance of different data variables to align with your business priorities.

With Business Analyst you can visualize and balance sales territories based on different variables.

Enhance Reporting

Generating reports to track performance is easy. Territory boundaries change year to year? Not a problem. Business Analyst can recalculate past performance based on current territory design.

Enhance Your IT Investments

  • Provide enterprise-wide and field accessibility. Anyone who needs to see data on a map or update location-based data can do so through server, desktop, mobile, or web apps.
  • Increase the value of other data sets. Integrate location analytics with your BI, ERP, POS, and CRM data into dashboards, reports, and analyses.
  • Scalable solution. Business Analyst is a single platform that can be scaled to meet analytical needs now and in the future.

Learn More

Whitepaper on using Business Analyst for territory design.

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