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What should I do before I start looking for funding sources?
Refer to Getting Started. Be sure that you have management's support for the project and that they will support the grant application process and obligations of the grant requirements.
How do I find out about available grants for my areas of interest?
You may wish to start your Federal funding search at or browse our Funding Resources.

If you are looking to start a small business, you may initiate your research at the United States Small Business Administration at
What should I do if I can't find funding for my area of interest?
If there are no suitable grants for the project(s) you want to do, you can be creative, particularly at the local government level, by cooperating between agencies to achieve multiple goals through leveraging resources. Consider implementing a different type of project or collaborate with another agency on a project that would put a foundational system in place that could later be leveraged to accomplish your original goals.

You can also search Funding Resources to find more information on federally funded programs and grant resources. We particularly recommend using to expand your search.
How do I know if a grant is right for me?
Before reading a grant in detail, answer the following:
  • Is my organization eligible?
  • Are matching funds required? Can we meet those requirements?
If you establish that the first two requirements are met, you should read the entire federal agency's Application Instructions document. You should ask yourself:
  • Does my project fit with the grant's purpose, goals, and directives?
  • Can my organization reasonably complete the grant proposal by the deadline?
  • Can my organization fulfill the reporting requirements?

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