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Forestry is complex, dynamic, and multidimensional. You must meet the needs of the forest as well as the pressures of economic efficiency. GIS technology profoundly and positively impacts the way land managers, timber managers, and forestry specialists manage timber resources. Esri GIS helps you understand forest science, economics, and social principles. You will better care for the forest, reach your business objectives, and complete regulatory reporting requirements. Use Esri ArcGIS technology to improve inventory, land administration, sustainable forest planning, timber sales, and more.

"We use the Esri ArcGIS Platform for all forestry analysis, which gives us a competitive advantage. ArcGIS drives our forestry inspection and timberland strategic planning."

Claire Bain, Director of GIS and Resource Planning, Molpus Woodlands Group, LLC

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Collector for ArcGIS Accelerates Forest Workflow

In the Czech Republic, a city's forestry department is rapidly growing its forest database, which helps officers review management plans and manage the environment.
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The Forest Atlas of the United States

The Forest Atlas of the United States is a Framework for Sharing Information. The US Forest Service makes it easier to create and connect scenarios for forestry analysis.
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Watching over America's Forests

The US Forest Service keeps track of the nation's forests using GIS. The project's director Richard Guilden talks about maintaining the forest data inventory and the value of using geospatial analysis to track forest status and trends. Read more

Forest Assessment: A Model for Prioritizing Needs

Assessments, important for certification and funding, need to show an analysis of forest conditions and trends. Montana Department of Natural Resources uses GIS for assessments, to prioritize needs, and outline a long term plan. Read more


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