Monitor mobile work and rapidly access information

Effectively managing operations is critical to ensuring profitability. Create and share harvest plans, tracts, and unit boundaries using appropriate forestry software applications. Evaluate key metrics for timber cruising, mill delivery, and forest infrastructure status to ensure operational continuity and key performance indicators (KPIs) through interactive dashboards that bring business intelligence workflows to life.

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Gain real-time information across operations


Mobile apps

Deploy flexible mobile applications to the field and integrate with remotely sensed data to support critical workflows like timber cruising and harvest operations.


Real-time visualization and analysis

Collect and analyze equipment and Internet of Things (IoT) data in near real-time to strengthen forestry workflows. Leverage performance dashboards to model complex workflows, improve response times, eliminate waste, and reduce costs.


Workforce management

Coordinate, schedule, and dispatch workforce activities efficiently. Assign tasks, monitor status, and measure progress in real time to increase productivity throughout each step of the forest products supply chain.


Drone fleet management

Plan and manage drone fleet operations, process the raw imagery, and upload the results to a scalable cloud environment, then share with people throughout the enterprise as web services.


Flexible communication

Share information with your stakeholders in formats they can understand and immediately use, whether in a 3D view, a report, or a map, or as a web service.



Environmental stewardship is good business

Mendocino Redwood Company leaders share sustainable forestry practices, including streamlining workflows, regulatory processes, and access to data.

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