Engage the public.

Esri makes it easy to serve quality maps and data throughout organizations, across agencies, and to the public. Web maps are doorways to your databases, giving people access to information whenever they want. Give your staff and citizens the ability to view and securely exploit land administration data with smart maps on any device.



Deliver land information in a familiar, easy-to-navigate map. Present detailed land records to anybody, on any device.


Make it easy for citizens to perform simple queries and find what they’re looking for.


Identify properties within a given distance of a subject property and generate mailing labels and/or a structured text file of owners and occupants.


ArcGIS for Land Records

ArcGIS for Land Records provides workflow-driven templates and tools for parcel editing, address management, valuation analysis, map book production, and public access. Easily create polished web applications that empower the public with information about land owners, land value, and land use.

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ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online is Esri's cloud-based platform for all your mapping data needs. Unlock your data for public access with just a few click. Easily access interactive maps, apps, and preconfigured resources to get your project up and running quickly.

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ArcGIS for Local Government

ArcGIS for Local Government connects all activities on a single platform. Its preconfigured resources help you efficiently manage your data, eliminate cross-department duplication, and better serve taxpayers. Create web applications to engage the public and enable access to your data.

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