Simplify your land records system.

Take the pain out of land records data with the Esri platform. Easily manage, maintain, and publish your data with a suite of standardized tools that preserve the integrity of your property information. Whether you need to reduce property tax appeals, defend commercial valuations, or simply update owner information, Esri technology provides a straightforward system for your land records data.



Take advantage of Esri’s parcel editing workflows to speed parcel editing and creation.


Use authoritative information and spatial analysis tools from Esri to improve decision making.


Create and publish data from the same platform. Easily distribute your work with others who depend on it.


ArcGIS for Local Government

ArcGIS for Local Government connects all activities on a single platform. Its preconfigured resources help you efficiently manage your data, eliminate cross-department duplication, and better serve taxpayers.

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ArcGIS for Land Records

ArcGIS for Land Records is a COTS solution for efficient parcel editing, address management, valuation analysis, map book production, and public access. Manage an accurate inventory of real property, analyze land value and associated improvements, describe who owns the land, and convey land-use and zoning regulations.

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ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online is Esri’s cloud-based platform for all your mapping needs. Securely share you land records information with other staff and organizations that rely on it. Easily access interactive maps, apps, and preconfigured resources to get you up and running quickly.

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