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January 2013

Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University Goes Mobile

By Matthew DeMeritt
Esri Writer

Whether you access Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University's new Mobile Interactive Map while standing in the arboretum's lush gardens or from an office 1,000 miles away, the new application makes learning about and researching plants interesting and easy.

The application, created using ArcGIS, lets people tap any one of about 15,000 dots—each representing a single tree, flower, shrub, vine, or other plant—on a basemap to obtain information about the plant. Available data includes condition, country of origin, provenance, and year of acquisition.

"Every individual plant in our collection has a special story," says Michael Dosmann, curator of Living Collections. Arboretum visitors can use the application to plan self-guided tours. The facility also serves as a rich resource for botanists around the world. Read the article.

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Using the Mobile Interactive Map on your smartphone, you can explore Arnold Arboretum and learn more about the plant life you see around you.

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