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July 2012

GIS Powers Tollway Trip Calculator

Thousands of drivers on the Illinois Tollway are using a new online mapping application created with geospatial technology from Esri. The Illinois Tollway's Trip Calculator at helps people plan their routes and calculates the tolls they will pay before they leave on their trips, saving them time and money. The Trip Calculator has proved popular with people who travel on the 286-mile tollway system in northern Illinois.

The application's interactive mapping component also helps drivers who accidentally missed paying a toll to view the route they traveled, calculate the toll, and connect to a section of the website where they can pay the charges online and avoid fines. "The Trip Calculator is the easiest way for our customers to get clear, accurate information about the toll rates on our system," said Illinois Tollway executive director Kristi Lafleur. "It allows customers to customize their travels on the tollway and access the information they need with a few simple mouse clicks." Read the article to see how this unique application works and find out what Esri technology was used to develop it.

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You can figure out your toll charges in a few easy steps using the Trip Calculator, which includes an interactive mapping component.

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