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Who is eligible to participate in the Nonprofit Organization Program?

The Esri Nonprofit Organization Program is designed to provide conservation and humanitarian nonprofit organizations around the world an affordable means of acquiring ArcGIS software and services. Other types of nonprofit organizations may also be eligible for membership in the program including community services, community development, watershed partnerships, churches, unions, professional services, and legal support.

Eligibility is based on your formal tax-exempt status and the type of work you do.

In the USA this is signified by your 501(c) designation and National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) category.

For international applicants, the primary criterion is tax-exempt status as granted by your country. The specific nature of this status varies by country. Your eligibility status and tax-exempt verification will be determined by your local Esri distributor as part of the request process.

What is the cost of the software for qualified organizations?

A qualified member of the Nonprofit Organization Program will receive the specified ArcGIS software at no cost. An administrative fee will be assessed to cover operational expenses.

What support is available to program participants?

ArcGIS for Desktop

ArcGIS for Server

Nonprofit Organization ELAs

Additional Resources

Participants of the program also have access to the following resources

Do universities and other higher educational organizations qualify for the Esri Nonprofit Organization Program?

The Esri Nonprofit Organization program is not designed to service general university or higher educational operations or classroom software needs. While educational service organizations with a specific conservation or humanitarian mission may qualify, we strongly encourage universities and other higher educational organizations to explore other Esri programs which can be found at GIS for Education.

System Requirements

What are the system requirements of ArcGIS for Desktop?
The complete list of supported operating systems can be found on the ArcGIS for Desktop System Requirements page.
What are the system requirements of ArcGIS for Server?
The complete list of supported operating systems can be found on the ArcGIS for Server System Requirements page.

Downloading Software

What does Download Manager do?
Download Manager is a program that manages the moving of a file from the Internet to a local location. Download Manager tracks the download and can adjust the process in the event of poor bandwidth or a disconnect.
After I download the image, how do I install the software?
After downloading the ArcGIS for Desktop or ArcGIS for Server image file, you must either use an application that can read and run the setup program from the image file, or extract the image to disk and run the setup program manually. The simplest way to access the setup program is to use an application, such as Virtual CloneDrive, which will read the image as a CD/DVD drive and allow you to run the setup program by clicking the image file. Alternatively, if using a clone drive tool is not an option for you, use an image (ISO) extractor program, such as 7-Zip, to extract the image as files to disk. Once the files are extracted, the setup program can be executed manually.
Will I know which products have already been downloaded?
Esri Download Manager will track existing downloads as well as provide status on downloads that may have been paused for some reason.
Can I download more than one product at a time?
Yes. It is possible to download multiple products simultaneously using Download Manager provided. You can also manage/pause existing downloads and resume where you left off at a later time.
Why isn't the software installed when I click the Launch button on Download Manager?
Esri Download Manager provides the ability to launch image extraction software that you have previously installed on your machine, following the download of the ArcGIS for Desktop image. The launch functionality can be enabled to automatically run after download, or you may manually click the Launch button after the download is completed.

Only use the Launch tool if you wish to have the Download Manager automatically select image extraction software for you.

What is an ISO image?
An ISO file, often called an ISO Image, is in fact an "image" of an entire DVD. The ISO image file can be used directly from your hard drive as a virtual disk by using either an ISO image file extractor program to extract the files (e.g., 7-Zip, IsoBuster) or by using an ISO mounter program (e.g., Virtual CloneDrive). In addition, you can create a backup copy of the software on physical media by using a DVD authoring program and DVD burner to burn the ISO image on DVD.

Installation and Authorization

Do I need to authorize the software before I can use it?
Yes. You need to authorize ArcGIS software with Esri before you can begin using it. You can authorize via the Esri Web site or e-mail.
Where do I find the authorization number for ArcGIS for Desktop or ArcGIS for Server?
When you download ArcGIS software, the 12-digit authorization number will be provided to you during the download process and will also be e-mailed to you. The authorization number is located on the inside of the DVD packaging.
What is the difference between an authorization number and an authorization file?
The authorization number is the 12-digit code located on the DVD packaging. When you are ready to authorize the software, you will provide Esri with that authorization number, and we will in turn authorize your software for use with an authorization file. If you authorize via the Internet, this process happens automatically.
I have just completed authorizing the software using the e-mail option. Why doesn't ArcGIS Administrator reflect the recent change?
ArcGIS Administrator doesn't refresh until you click OK. Click OK and restart the ArcGIS Administrator.
I cannot locate ArcInfo on my programs menu. What happened?
When you install ArcGIS for Desktop, you are installing the ArcGIS for Desktop applications ArcMap and ArcCatalog. ArcGIS is the name that appears 0n the Start > Programs menu. ArcInfo is now referred to as ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced.

Getting Started

Can I install the ArcGIS software on a computer that has a full version of any ArcGIS software installed?
No. If you already have a previous version of ArcGIS installed on your computer, you must uninstall it before installing ArcGIS. This includes any version of ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS for Server. The only exception is ArcGIS Explorer.
Are there tutorials available for ArcGIS?


ArcGIS for Desktop, see the ArcGIS tutorials topic in the ArcGIS for Desktop help online.

For ArcGIS for Server, tutorials are located in the "Introducing ArcGIS for Server" book of the ArcGIS Server Help online.

Where is the online Web help located?
The main gateway to ArcGIS online Help is on the ArcGIS Resource Center.
Where can I find patches or updates for ArcGIS?
Patches and updates can be found on the Esri Support site.
Is there any functionality disabled in ArcGIS for Desktop or ArcGIS for Server available through the Esri Nonprofit Organization Program?


For ArcGIS for Desktop, you get the full version of ArcGIS for Desktop at the Advanced licensing level. For more details, see ArcGIS for Desktop.

For ArcGIS for Server, you get the full version of ArcGIS for Server at the Advanced Enterprise licensing level. For more details, see ArcGIS for Server.

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