Open up data and deliver value to everyone. Esri ArcGIS for Local Government gives you everything you need to give communities simple, elegant, interactive maps. Make it easy for employees and citizens to work and live better.

Make the Most of Your GIS Investment

ArcGIS for Local Government is a set of resources, including customizable applications and data models, designed to help agencies maximize investments and deploy geospatial technology throughout the organization. Watch the video.

Real Value

ArcGIS for Local Government enables you deliver value to your organization. Its maps and apps save you time and money by providing a starting point to deliver department-level solutions. As a bundle of cost-free resources, it makes implementing and managing a GIS simple and easy.

Creative Government

ArcGIS for Local Government was designed for nimble, resourceful citizen service. It includes a rich set of ready to go maps and apps. You support efficient daily work. You also help agencies increase citizen engagement, get real-time project updates, and reduce the volume of public inquiries.

Custom Services

You can immediately begin supplying unique services for officials and residents. More than 50 maps and apps are available to improve a range of government activities. Departments and services include land records and taxation, public works, facilities management, elections, emergency response, planning and development, and public health.

Endless Possibilities

What do you need? There are maps and apps for reporting neighborhood crime, attracting new business, mapping school funding, showcasing parks and recreation centers, and fostering citizen engagement and reporting. You can let online visitors see thriving businesses, picturesque landscapes, and inviting local restaurants.

Access Made Easy

The adoption of a consistent data model minimizes redundancy and make it easy to open up information to more people. Maps and apps can be developed once and shared across the user community. In addition, using a common data model fosters interagency collaboration and efficiency.

Your Trusted Partner

Esri provides ongoing support for its free data models, templates, and resources. With a global network of partners and users like you, Esri is committed to the evolution of ArcGIS Online for Local Government. You'll join a growing community of successful GIS professionals.


Why wait? Get up and running today with any one of the maps and apps below. The gallery gives you just a sample of the resources available to easily download, configure, and use.

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