ArcGIS for Local Government

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Kick-Start Your GIS Programs

ArcGIS for Local Government includes a set of free maps, apps, and best practices developed especially for your local government. As an ArcGIS user, you can deploy this ready-to-use solution to improve government operations and enhance citizen services.

“[ArcGIS for Local Government] allowed us to migrate away from older applications; it's allowed us to deploy more applications in less time.”

Ian Wint, GIS Manager, City of Fort Lauderdale

Fast-track Your GIS

Deploy Focused Mapping Applications

Leverage ArcGIS in your organization to improve the operation of utility networks, analyze the value of land and associated improvements, maintain right-of-way assets, develop and share public safety response plans, promote sustainable communities, and conduct open elections.

Complete and Simple Tools

Fully Supported and Extensible Tools

ArcGIS for Local Government is free to ArcGIS users, easily configured, fully documented and supported, open source, and extensible.

Success Stories

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