Bill Meehan

Bill Meehan, P.E., heads the worldwide utility industry solutions practice for Esri. Author of Enhancing Electric Utility Performance with GIS; Modeling Electric Distribution Performance with GIS; Empowering Electric and Gas Utilities; Power System Analysis by Digital Computer, and numerous papers and articles. Bill has lectured extensively and taught courses at Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts. Bill is a registered professional engineer.

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Smarter Inspections with ArcGIS

By organizing and analyzing utility information in a GIS, you can turn a heavy load into a lighter one and work smarter.

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Seven Ways to Modernize Your GIS

Esri utilities solution director Bill Meehan lists seven ways to bring your GIS up to date.

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Access, Awareness, and Analysis—All in One Location Platform

The story of Paul—the power company troubleshooter—and his problems with tree limbs and squirrels and his penchant for paper maps sparks...

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New Energy Sources Challenge Utilities to Innovate

As consumers become power producers through solar and wind energy technology and storage, utilities must change their business model.

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NJ Utility on Forefront with New Mixed Reality Application

The utility becomes one of the first agencies in the world to combine augmented reality with GIS technology for more efficient fieldwork.

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Get More from Your Assets: Five Steps to Operational Intelligence

Infrastructure-centric organizations have struggled to boost their operational IQ. A new plan shows a path to true operational intelligence.

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