John Beck

John Beck is the Global Law Enforcement Manager at Esri where he is responsible for helping police agencies worldwide to understand and implement GIS for every mission. Before joining Esri, Beck was a police officer and crime analyst in Reno, Nevada where he worked in a variety of roles, including being a member of the Crisis Intervention Team. In his role at Esri, he helps police agencies apply GIS to crime analysis, strategic planning, patrol operations, investigative support, and citizen engagement. John promotes GIS as a way to improve open and transparent policing and to tackle hard problems like the opioid epidemic and homelessness. A current focus area is the application of machine learning to big data to gain a real-time understand of crime patterns. John earned undergraduate degrees in geography and anthropology and a Master's degree in criminal justice from the University of Nevada.

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Philadelphia Police Collaborate to Address Crime that Arrests Alone Won’t Solve

Philadelphia has transformed policing with a cloud-based platform that aids analytics and collaboration on crimes that arrests alone don’t solve.

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Minneapolis Police Target Gun Violence Using Location Analytics

Using GIS for predictive policing has helped the Minneapolis Police Department target hotspots of gun violence.

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Vancouver Police Drive Down Crime with Machine Learning and Spatial Analytics

Vancouver, British Columbia uses GIS at the center of their CompStat policing approach, reviewing trends and incidents to guide crime fighting.

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