Jim Young

Jim Young is a business development lead for Esri in Portland. He works with tech companies to explore the use of location data in their products and apps. His passion is the intersection of the physical world and the digital world, including mobile applications, location services, and mobile payments. A pioneer in mobile social networks, Jim founded location-based Jambo Networks before joining Esri. He earned a master’s degree in GIS and remote sensing from Cambridge University and holds a bachelor's degree in history and economics from Southern Methodist University.

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Tech Giants Anticipate Augmented Reality Future

A recent Apple acquisition signals more business investment in augmented reality. Which businesses are already benefiting from AR?

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Taxis Fight Back, Using AI and Location Intel to Predict Demand

As ride-sharing services poach fares from taxis, a pilot program uses AI, big data, and location intelligence to predict where customers will be.

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Connected Kiosks Foreshadow Smart Cities

New smart kiosks in big cities will give residents free WiFi—and could help support smart cities and more reliable autonomous vehicles.

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A New Forecast: Human Weather

The weather above us isn’t the only forecast businesses need to tune in to these days.

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Apple Puts Businesses on Alert over Location Tracking

Apple is making location tracking more obvious to mobile device users. Businesses, take notice.

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