Mansour Raad

With over 30 years of experience in the IT/GIS field, Mansour Raad is Esri’s lead big data subject matter expert. In this role, he often assists commercial and government customers in implementing big data geospatial solutions. He has performed as team lead in architecting and implementing product solutions for ArcGIS. Mansour holds a master's degree in aerospace engineering from Boston University and frequently blogs on big data topics and examples of geospatial implementations at He is an adjunct faculty member of Johns Hopkins University, where he teaches an online advanced placement course on "Big Data Analysis Tools and Techniques."

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A poll of 3,000 CEOs reveals that business agility is a top concern, and technologies including IoT and AI will play a strong supporting role.

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Once the province of a privileged few, artificial intelligence and location intelligence tech are in play today across many business scenarios.

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Executives have used basic forms of artificial intelligence to make better business decisions. Is greater insight just over the horizon?

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