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A map used in the carbon credit business to validate forest protection

What's the Science behind That Carbon Credit?

KPMG, one of the Big Four consulting companies, improves global guidance with location insight

The Location-Savvy Consultant

Erika Le manages circularity at Rehrig Pacific

Inside the Circular Economy with Smart Maps and Blockchain

Densely packed city buildings hint at the need to monitor subterranean infrastructure

New Research Spotlights Need to Monitor Heat-Induced Changes Below Buildings

A worker in a hardhat on a beam signifies construction firms

Global Construction Firms Explore GIS, Location Intelligence

Professionals writing on a clear board represents the risk of AI exposure for certain jobs

Measuring AI Exposure by Job, Geography

A map with a cluster of dots represents business expansion opportunities

WhereNext Confidential: Business Leaders Discuss Paths to Growth

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's GIS use helps plan indoor space

Inside the New Tools of the Hybrid Workforce

Mary Lennon of Fannie Mae

How Fannie Mae Studies Climate Impact on US Housing

A JLL dashboard reveals real estate options

JLL Delivers Location Intelligence to Thousands of Employees

Streaming cars represent traffic noise

Working through the Noise—At a Cost to Productivity

An auditorium event represents executive presentations

WhereNext Confidential: Executive Presentations

Could empty office space like this spur the trend of competitive socializing?

Community Trends Hold the Key to Repurposing Empty Office Space

Biodiversity represented by a grassland hillside, lake, and mountains

Think Tank: Why Are Business Execs Talking about Biodiversity?

A map of a logistics and transportation route with various routes, stops

Fast Four—Moving Logistics Beyond Route Optimization

A giraffe on grassland outside a city

Companies Eye Expansion Opportunities in Africa

A gold wafer shows semiconductor production

US Manufacturing Growth Demands More Than Funding Alone

A magnifying glass over a globe symbolizes sustainable sourcing

Sustainable Sourcing: A Data-Driven Approach to Supplier Selection

A map showing sample territory management data for a manufacturer

Fast Four—Manufacturing an Advantage

A sketch of a woman in an office symbolizes gender dynamics at work

WhereNext Confidential: Women in GIS–One Leader's Journey

Measuring equipment on a tripod in a field represents accounting of carbon offsets

With Carbon Offsets under Scrutiny, Some Tap Tech for Verification

A map shows lines connecting supply chain locations worldwide

Fast Four: Toward a Nimble Supply Chain

Two office towers stretching toward the sky

WhereNext Confidential: What’s All This Talk about the Enterprise?

A map showing varying threat levels in shades of blue and red

A Call for Collaboration Strengthens Corporate Security


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