Alex Martonik

Alexander Martonik is a commercial industry specialist at Esri. Martonik is responsible for executing global marketing strategies in risk management for banking, insurance, and real estate. Martonik graduated with distinction from the national cyber security studies masters program at California State University San Bernardino. Prior to that, he graduated from the University of Redlands with a degree in government.

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Changing Hazards Prompt Insurers to Rethink the Location of Risk

To ensure their risk assessment reflects risks on the ground, insurers and reinsurers are increasingly relying on location-based risk analysis.

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NextTech: Smart Maps Show Executives the Impact of Climate Change

Decision-makers accustomed to making data-based decisions find climate change diffuse and unpredictable. A new smart map might change their view.

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Political Uncertainty Prompts Companies to Examine Geographic Implications

Global businesses are using location intelligence to create a common operating picture, with maps that reveal areas of risk or uncertainty.

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Eyes in the Sky Use AI to Track Investment Opportunities

Satellite imagery firms are applying machine learning to imagery analysis to measure natural resource inventories and predict commodity trading.

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Regions Bank Calls on Analytics to Do Well by Doing Good

With a mission to make life better for its customers, a Fortune 500 bank uses location intelligence to reach every community.

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