Elizabeth Ashley Menezes

Hello, World! Elizabeth here to share my world with the world one map at a time! I am a Raster Product Engineer with the Imagery & Remote Sensing team. I focus and work on UX/UI design and development of RADAR & SAR based capabilities at Esri. My education is in geophysics and my thesis work centered around understanding induced earthquake occurrences using seismic data and satellite imagery. As an advocate for science communication, I enjoy bridging the gap between science and design — combining my technical knowledge with my keen eye for design to create beautiful science.

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Getting started with SAR satellite imagery

This article shares the resource to the ArcGIS Pro Learn Series about SAR satellite imagery.

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Simple steps to add SAR satellite data to your ArcGIS Pro map

This article will answer questions such as “Where does SAR satellite data come from?” and “How to add it to your ArcGIS pro map?”.

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Introduction to Synthetic Aperture Radar

This article will answer questions such as “What is SAR?”, "How does SAR work?", “What can SAR be used for?”, and “How is SAR beneficial?”.

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