Helen Thompson

I'm the Product Engineering Lead for Business Analyst and GeoEnrichment. I've spent 30 years applying spatial analysis to enable business and government to overcome their organizational challenges big and small. Customer insight and feedback drive our product and industry strategy at Esri.

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Performing principal component analysis (PCA) to determine weights for index indicators

This blog article outlines the process of performing PCA using Python.

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Best practices for using frequently changing geographies in Business Analyst custom data

Many geographies, like postal boundaries, change frequently. When used for analysis this can create problems when vintages change.

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What’s new with business data in ArcGIS Business Analyst

Find out what's new with Data Axle business data in ArcGIS Business Analyst.

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Understanding level of detail in Business Analyst’s color-coded maps

The new color-coded map functionality introduces enhanced map visualization, interactive panels and level of detail control.

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How we did it: Designing a web map to analyze racial disadvantage in the U.S.

Learn about the process of creating a web map that displays racial makeup of disadvantaged communities

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Migrate custom Business Analyst content to 2022 Esri Demographics

Learn how to migrate ArcGIS Business Analyst content, including custom infographics and variable lists, to the new Esri 2022 data source.

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Analyzing BlueDot Social Distancing Data using Business Analyst Web

How to add and use the BlueDot infographic in Business Analyst Web to understand social distancing and COVID-19 behaviors.

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Using the Coronavirus Infographic Template in Business/Community Analyst Web

Business Analyst Web infographics are a powerful way to understand the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Top 10 Business Analyst Infographic Features

Infographics are one the most popular features of Business Analyst Web. Here’s a Top 10 feature list to help improve your infographics.

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