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Water touches nearly every aspect of our lives on planet earth. From the water we drink, to the air we breathe, to the landscape where we live and play, water fuels our life and our planet. To help us map our water resources, ArcGIS includes several water maps and tools driven by contributions from Esri’s Community Maps for Hydrology. The World Hydrology Basemap provides a water-centric reference map of the world’s water resources. Watershed and Trace Downstream Analysis Services delineate watersheds and trace downstream flow paths across the globe. Real-time stream measurements from gauges across the USA are federated into one map which is updated every hour. All of these are ready-to-use layers created from authoritative and best available multi-resolution data, so you can trust the maps and the analysis results. You can help build out these maps and tools with your authoritative data by contributing to Esri’s Community Maps for Hydrology Program. Learn more in our upcoming webinar.

Join us on Wednesday, March 18 at 11am PDT for a free webinar about Esri’s Community Maps for Hydrology.

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