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Project Manager for the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World Environment Team

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Environment Layers Retiring June 2022

On June 1, layers will be retired from Esri’s content catalog.

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Environment Layers Retiring December 2021

Every year in December, layers are retired from Esri’s content catalog. Here is a list of retired layers and links to the replacements.

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A Process for Deprecating Maps and Layers

When a new map or layer is created to replace an outdated one, what are the best practices for properly retiring the map or layer?

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HMS-PrePro: An Automated GIS Toolbox for Extracting Cloud-based Data, Delineating Watersheds, and Calculating Hydrological Parameters

HMS-PrePro is an ArcGIS preprocessing tool that was designed to improve GIS-based watershed modeling.

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Create Watersheds and Trace Downstream at No Charge

The Watershed and Trace Downstream tools no longer charge credits and are FREE to use with an ArcGIS Online for Organizations Account.

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Environment Map Updates

On December 31, 2019, 68 layers within the Environment section of the Living Atlas will be taken out of circulation.

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What’s New with USA Federal Lands in the Living Atlas

The ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World contains vector and raster layers for lands managed or owned by six agencies of the federal governme...

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What’s New with Soil Data in the Living Atlas?

All SSURGO-based Living Atlas items upgraded to the 2017 SSURGO snapshot New map image and 21 image layers with improved performance ...

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USGS State Geologic Map Compilation Added to the Living Atlas

Portions of the Bighorn Mountains in Northern Wyoming are nearly 3 billi...

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