What’s Coming in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS in the ArcGIS Online July update

The number “5” is unique and has some special significance …

In keeping with this tradition, the forthcoming release of Web AppBuider for ArcGIS embedded in ArcGIS Online will have many new features, many based on user feedback and requests.

5 new themes
Many users wanted more options to change the look and feel of their web apps, and this release will have 5 additional themes to choose from: Billboard, Box, Dart, Jewelry box, and Launchpad.

5 new widgets
Many users asked for more functionality, and the team has worked hard to add 5 new widgets:

Other enhancements
Some additional enhancements to Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS include:

FYI: In an earlier ArcGIS Online July update release announcement, it stated the following for Web AppBuilder,

These two enhancements are still being developed and refined and will NOT be part of the next Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS update. They will be part of a later Web AppBuilder release.

We’re looking forward to seeing the user community leverage some of the new functionality above soon!

The Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Dev team

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Derek is a Senior Product Manager working on ArcGIS Monitor. Based in the Esri Redlands, CA office, he's involved with requirements gathering, software development, and product marketing. Follow on Twitter/X: @GIS_Bandit | Mastodon: ) Bluesky:

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