Introducing ArcGIS Companion - New Mobile App for your Organization

At Esri, we are always looking for ways to give our customers more. ArcGIS Online already offers clients a powerful cloud-based end-to-end GIS and mapping platform. Our new mobile app will bring some of these elements together in a user-friendly way on your own mobile devices at your convenience. As a result, managing your ArcGIS content or keeping up with what’s happening in your organization has never been simpler.

We are happy to announce and introduce ArcGIS Companion, a native mobile app created to complement your ArcGIS organization. It’s simple, intuitive, well crafted and ready to help you do the following tasks and more:
  • Browse and view content, people, and groups in your organization
  • Keep up with the ArcGIS community through blogs, tweets, and news
  • View and manage notifications
  • View and manage groups, including content and members
  • View, share and delete your content
  • View, add, reply and delete comments
  • View, add or remove your favorites
  • Search for content within or outside of your organization
  • Learn more about your organization and its members
  • Manage your profile and user settings
  • Easily discover and share content in new and delightful ways
ArcGIS Companion mobile app screens from Esri
ArcGIS Companion mobile app

To get started, download the app to your phone or tablet and sign in with your ArcGIS Organizational account.

ArcGIS Companion available on Google Play ArcGIS Companion available on AppStore ArcGIS Companion available on Amazon AppStore

In our beta testing to a universe of 700 volunteers, the feedback on the experience and the features were strongly positive. As the app is opened up to wider users, we’ll learn more. We believe this app provides a step forward for our users, a better experience for your mobile devices. We also know that this is just the beginning, that the relationship between apps and mobile websites is still evolving, that we need to provide better experiences and seamless transitions that make your experience with the ArcGIS platform a delightful one.

We encourage you to try out the new app and to share your feedback and experiences with us via Esri Support or GeoNet community. We’d like to hear from all sides on what would make the app even more useful for you and your organization.


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Group Engineer Manager and Software Development Lead. Story Maps + AppStudio + Survey123 + ArcGIS Companion + Esri Labs. Sathya Prasad has been with Esri for 14 years and currently works in the Software Development group. Sathya has spent more than fifteen years in the intersection of software and GIS industry and has extensive experience with Mobile, Web, Social, Spatial and Cloud technologies. Sathya enjoys solving hard problems especially in the GIS and spatial world and coming up with very creative solutions. His background is in both computer science and business education.


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